Wendy Vermeulen


Wendy is a trauma-informed yoga teacher and eternal seeking has led her to a diverse range of studies, from anatomy to ancient yogic principles. Now, armed with Biohacking principles, Youngering longevity practices, and Human Potential Coaching, Wendy helps guide people toward new possibilities.

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services & Modalities

Advanced Wellness Coaching           ‣ Yoga and Tantric Meditation    ‣ Breathwork Facilitator          ‣ Biohacking & Youngering Specialist    

education & credentials

  • Advanced yoga training
  • Advanced Fitness trainer
  • Biomechanics and rehab coach
  • Cert Human Potential coach
  • Anatomy teacher
  • Cert Holistic life coach
  • Cert Reiki and Energy healing practitioner
  • Quantum meditation teacher
  • Over 3 decades of wellness coaching and continuous education, including studies in Neuroscience, trauma therapy, Tantra, biohacking, and more. 
Dr. Luke Sniewski

WORDS of somatic Wisdom

Deep within each of us, there’s a reservoir of power, resilience, compassion, and healing waiting to be tapped in. But it takes courage to turn inward and uncover these treasures. When we silence the mind, our body’s wisdom comes alive – a direct link to universal insight. This journey empowers us to fully steer our health and well-being. We become masters of how we engage with life’s moments.”

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