Tamara Kowalska


Tamara Kowalska is a Certified Practitioner and Private Mentor of Compassionate Inquiry. Most people find her when they feel ‘stuck’ in their lives. Tamara’s honest and caring approach to Coaching and Mentoring helps clients uncover what’s getting in the way of moving forward so that the way can reveal itself.  


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services & Modalities

‣ Compassionate Inquiry       ‣ Mentoring for Compassionate Inquiry 
‣ Trauma-Aware Coaching    Raja Yoga Asana and Meditation

education & credentials

  • Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner Certification
  • Compassionate Inquiry Private Mentor Certification
  • Raja Yoga Instructor Certification
  • Bachelor of Education from Boston University
  • Co-founder and past director of Windsor Youth Centre
  • Provider of addiction recovery support
Dr. Luke Sniewski

WORDS of somatic Wisdom

The freedom to live our authentic lives is available to all of us. Getting there often requires a guide to be with us on the journey, until the time comes when we begin to trust our own innate healing process. There is no such thing as self-destruction. There is only – and always – transformation.

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