Stillness Workshop

Accessing the source of authentic change

“There is nothing as certain as silence, stillness and solitude to introduce you to the secrets of yourself.” – Guy Finley

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1-Day Somatic Reset Overview

The catalyst for real change…

Stillness is the catalyst for authentic and permanent change. When we infuse our practices with the quality of stillness, we empower ourselves to become the conscious creators of our respective lives.

The practices you choose to support the process of change with represents only the first step. This is because how you practice is as or more  important than the specific practice we choose. In this sense, every practice is a pathway towards stillness.

When we infuse our practices – whether yin yoga, meditation, breathwork, TRE or thermal stress exposure – with the quality of stillness, we access the practices’ true potential for creating change. The Somawise™ Stillness Workshop guides participants through an immersive experience into the transformational quality of Stillness.

What to expect

Cultivate experiential wisdom…

The intention of the Stillness Workshop is combining intellectual guidance with direct experience. Once you feel how somatic practices impact the body, you will be able to use these experiences as a reference point for future practice. You’ll discover how the quality of stillness heals the body, connects us back to our intuitive sense, and teaches us a new way of being in the world. 

Depending on the hosting location and venue, your body will be immersed in nurturing and nourishing environments that include various somatic practices, such as meditation, breathwork, Yin yoga,  geothermal spa bathing, sauna infusions, cold exposure, wholesome & healthy meals. Each workshop provides space for integration, inquiry and group discussion.

As the workshop concludes, you’ll leave with a deeper understanding of – and greater connection to – your body, as well as self-care practices that will support you in everyday life. The shift that you feel in your body will be palpable. Your body and mind will have received the gift of recovery while you learn tools and techniques to help your relationships deepen and thrive.

Workshop Testimonials

What People are Saying

"The results have been truly transformational"

“I’ve learned that much of my pain and irritation stemmed from shunning, burying and hiding from uncomfortable experiences. The more I resisted, the worse my pain became. I have learned to make friends with my body, to listen deeply to it, and to understand the messages it is giving me. I now perceive discomfort as my body’s wisdom, doing its best to guide me to back to health and happiness.

Rob P., United Kingdom

"A safe place to explore the the body's sensations"
“I came with curiosity and I left with the desire to find out more. The breathing exercise was challenging but it was safe enough to go with your voice as you walked us through the time frame and I was trusting the process 😊) I was able to observe my body, my thoughts, my reactions, my nervous system. It was like experiencing from within the polyvagal theory.”

Anca Stanciu, Bucharest, ROM

"Authentic & highly-skilled embodied teachings"

“I loved the theoretical thread of stillness that ran throughout the practices and explorations of the workshop. And one thing I really want to honor and acknowledge is  the immense time, effort, pain and practice that would have been necessary to cultivate the ability to facilitate and guide such a workshop; and to do it so beautifully. My sincerest respect and gratitude…”

Kate B., Cantebury, NZ

"I had that 'Aha' moment that comes out of nowhere!"

“For me, it was an AHA moment, because almost all that we do in our life is avoiding pain and discomfort. Experiencing stress and pain through conscious breathing, in a kind way, we can befriend our stress and pain. Doing this, when the exterior stress will come, it will not be so overwhelming anymore. It’s like: I’ve been there, I’ve done that, so I can manage.”

Bianca Poptean, Bucharest, ROM

"Grateful for the profound insights and experience"

“It was a profound realization to discover how powerful it was to understand how my body experienced different types of breathing. This newfound awareness sparked a deeper self-inquiry into my coping mechanisms for resolving discomfort. One aspect that greatly contributed to the workshop was the containing presence of you, Luke, whose guidance and support created a safe space for exploration and growth.”

Monica Magureanu, Bucharest, ROM

"Useful for myself and my therapy clients"

“I found the practices explored in the Stillness Workshop useful, especially with increasing the window of tolerance to unpleasant sensations. This was my main take away. I think I can introduce it as a constant habit in my life and in the therapy processes with my clients as well. As a trauma therapist, I strongly believe that we should work with both body and mind to be able to integrate the adverse experiences.”

Roxana Grigorean, Bucharest, ROM

“An experience I definitely won't be forgetting”

“I’m so grateful to have attended the Stillness Workshop after completing the Somawise Online course. There are things you can’t learn from someone else or a book, but rather through a commitment to surrendering to and simply doing the hard work. We’re only as good as our commitment. Thank you for modeling this. I feel inspired and grateful my Somawise journey.”

Mia J., Sydney, Australia

"A greater appreciation of the present moment"

“The Stillness workshop was an opportunity to observe from a different angle something that I knew in theory, although not being able to put it into practice: my challenge to sit with the physical discomfort. The session gave me more clarity in understanding on how to get closer to my emotional scars, as I am aware it is an important step to unblock and release them.”

Adriana Preutu, Bucharest, ROM

"After many years... the missing piece of the puzzle"

“For me the workshop was exactly what I was searching for lately when I finally realized (after some years of talking therapy and group therapy) that not focusing enough on my body was the missing piece of the puzzle for my personal growth and development. After years of living in my head, I cannot wait to discover how to listen to my body and finally put all the pieces of the puzzle together.”

Crina Simion, Bucharest, ROM

"I am present in every moment of the day"

“I tried meditation before, but not more then 2 days. I have 43 years old, 3 girls of 17, 14 and 9 years old. Married for 23 years with the girl’s father. I committed to practicing after learning what was taught, and though the first two weeks were challenging, I was able to stick to it and have my time and space. I am in Greece for a holiday as I write this and it is the first time that I am present in every moment of the day, playing with the girls, talking with my husband, swimming is like a meditation, I feel my body, how much it has suffered because I ignored it, or punished it, and now I can feel it and accept it the way it is, with love and compassion. Thank you. I know I have a long way to go, but I’m taking day by day, focusing on the present moment and feeling enough and complete just the way I am today! Thank you!

Vajda Sorina, Bucharest, ROM

“Please keep sharing this workshop with the world"

This workshop is carefully designed to create the most beautiful setting for a wonderful and profound inner experience. The qualities of love, connection and compassion during the workshop were palpable, making it easy for everyone to experience their authentic themselves in the unique and specific way required for their healing.”

Gina P., Christchurch, NZ

"My body felt good... and I felt good using it!"
“I got home after the workshop, I felt like dancing alone, just like that, for almost 30 minutes, alone, with my eyes closed. I felt my senses sharpen. And although I danced a lot and with wide movements, I didn’t hit anything in the house. As if I was one with the space. The workshop did me a lot of good. My body felt good, and I felt good using it.”

Corina Panaite, Bucharest, ROM

Meet Your Facilitator

Dr. Luke Sniewski

Luke is passionate and dedicated student of the human body. He enjoys any activity that keeps his attention and awareness anchored on his present moment experience. As a Wellbeing Coach and Somatic Therapist, Luke sees the potential and possibility in others long before they recognize it within themselves. His compassionate and gentle way of guiding people helps others take the brave first step toward authentic change and shifts within their being.

Luke’s own experiences with the transformational quality of Stillness inspires the unique way that he teaches and facilitates. When the teachings are made to be relatable, practical and accessible, it becomes easier for the practices to ‘stick’.