Somatic Immersion

Tauranga, New Zealand - November 15th to 17th, 2024

“I stand in awe of my body” – Henry David Thoreau


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WEEKEND Retreat Overview

A deep dive into yourself…

The Somatic Immersion Retreat honors the innate wisdom of the human body. This journey into the body combines powerful somatic practices to create a holistic and transformational experience. 

When the body is placed in an environment that supports healing, it will naturally and effortlessly move towards improved holistic wellbeing. As the body heals, the mind follows with an experiences of calm, peace, and relief. The Somatic Immersion Retreat provides that therapeutic environment.

What to expect

Access the innate wisdom of the body…

This Somatic Immersion Retreat runs over a single weekend. With only 12-16 participants, this small and intimate holistic experience has been carefully curated to provide your body with rejuvenation, invigoration and healing. Through meaningful connection to yourself and others, you’ll make space for the person you are meant to be.

Depending on the hosting venue, your body will be immersed in a nurturing and nourishing environment that includes meditation and breathwork, restorative yoga, cold exposure, wholesome & healthy meals, an extended period of noble silence, and evening discussions and discourses.

You will leave with a deeper understanding of – and greater connection to – your body, as well as self-care practices that will support you in everyday life. Your body and mind will have received the gift of recovery. Consider this journey as the personal cocoon, from which you will emerge a new Self after the inner work that you do.

Upcoming Retreat Details

Weekend Somatic Immersion in Tauranga, NZ

Dates & Times

Dates: Friday, Nov 15th – Sunday, Nov 17th

Arrival time on Friday the 17th is between 4 and 4:30pm. The retreat will come to a close at 3pm on Sunday the 19th. 

Preparation & Integration Sessions

This Somatic Immersion retreat will provide support, both in terms of preparing for the experience, as well as post-retreat integration and settling back into everyday life. 

Location & Accommodation

Aongatete Outdoor Education Centre is a leading environment centre in New Zealand with a focus on environmental education, outdoor safety & sustainability. They focus on environmental education, outdoor safety and sustainability and provide environmental education and activities that foster the development of positive life skills and provide learning opportunities in the NZ bush.

You’ll have the opportunity to engage with take part in a plant medicine ceremony and be guided through powerful somatic practices, all the while immersed in the incredible rolling landscapes of New Zealand. 

NZ PAT Ethos

NZ PAT believes that all humans, regardless of sexuality, gender or relationship status, deserve to live a life where pleasure is honored, relished, and savored! When this happens, we smile more, we laugh more, and we give love to others around us more freely.

Food & Snacks

Meals, snacks, water and tea are included in the cost of the weekend experience.  

Weekend Somatic Immersion Package Includes:

  • The group will receive mental, physical, and emotional support (via Zoom) before and after the retreat with one (1) group Preparation Session, two (2) group Integration Sessions, as well as access to Somawise Online ($375 USD value) to support preparation and integration processes.
  • Stillness practices that help you reconnect with your body, learn to hear its subtle language, and tap into its wisdom, including meditation, breathwork, and Yin yoga.
  • Experience the holistic and interconnected mental, physical, emotional benefits of Thermal Stress Exposure with ice baths & cold plunges.
  • Guided somatic practices and embodiment workshops that teach you the tools and techniques you will need on your own journey of authentic change
  • Plant Medicine Ceremony that supports somatic healing process, emotional processing and integration, and transformational personal growth.
  • Basic on-site accommodation at the AOEC Lodge consists of rooms with bunk-style sleeping arrangements. Three buildings are equipped with smaller bunk rooms, hot showers, and laundry.
  • Wholesome & delicious food, including meals, snacks, water and tea.

Guides for the journey

Meet your Facilitators

Terri Ewart

Terri is a Sex Therapist based in Tauranga, New Zealand. She was led to this work when she realized that she was the common denominator in decades of unsuccessful relationships. What followed was a journey of self-exploration and learning guided by extraordinary teachers, namely with Gabor Maté and his psychotherapeutic approach, Compassionate Inquiry. Compassion and curiosity replaced alcohol, sex, drugs, and workaholism as the way Terri related to her trauma and healing.

Whilst specializing in sex, intimacy and gender, Terri has been privileged to support clients in the areas of trauma, grief, embodiment, depression, and anxiety. She finds her joy through dance, yoga, painting and puppies, and holds the belief that anyone can create the life they desire.

Dr. Luke Sniewski

Trained under Sat Dharam Kaur, Luke is a certified Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner, Mentor and Facilitator. His passion for understanding the human body and the mechanisms that drive and dictate human behavior have led him down a path of self-discovery and personal exploration. His greatest passion is awakening people to their true potential for change.  

Through a combination of somatic modalities and self-inquiry practices, Luke guides his clients as they reconnect with their own body. While the process of reconnection with Self can sometimes be uncomfortable, the experiential wisdom garnered through such inner work helps people live more authentically and show up in relationships with more presence. 

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Payment & Registration Details

Registration: $2,000 NZD pp**                   Early Bird Rate: $1,700 NZD pp*

Join us for a Weekend Somatic Immersion Experience (Nov 15th – 17th) in Tauranga, New Zealand, where Dr. Luke Sniewski, author of the Best-Selling book, Somawise, and Terri Ewart will guide an immersive experience. The price of the Weekend Somatic Immersion includes lodging, food, and retreat activities, as well as access to the Self-Guided Somawise Online Course Platform. The cost of travel is separate.

BONUS GIFT: Every participant will receive a free copy of Somawise after registration to support preparation processes.


*Early Bird pricing of $1,700 NZD ends on Sept 15th. Thereafter, the price will increase to $2,000 NZD.

**non-refundable payment upon reservation