Simon Tennant


Simon is a Psychosynthesis trained, New Zealand Registered Psychotherapist and counsellor specializing in sexual abuse trauma.  Simon fuses the transpersonal, imaginal and psychological realms with body-based experiential practices that help clients connect to the inner strength and wisdom.


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services & Modalities

‣ Psychotherapy     ‣ Sexual Abuse and Trauma       ‣ Homeopathy
Psychedelic Integration        ‣ Wellbeing Coaching   

education & credentials

  • Psychotherapist, NZAP, PBANZ, ACC-Registered
  • Psychosynthesis Counsellor: NZAC, PANZA, ACC-Registered
  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional
  • Registered Homeopath
  • Qualified Kinesiologist
  • Certified Advanced metabolic Typing Nutritional Consultant
  • Certified SpinPoi Instructor
  • C.H.E.K Level 3 Holistic Lifestyle Coach
  • Buddhism Meditator
  • Bachelor of Applied Information Systems
Dr. Luke Sniewski

WORDS of somatic Wisdom

“All the unfelt feelings and emotions are held in the body with a momentum that must complete itself. There is an invitation in all of us to go ‘in’, to undertake the heroic journey into the underworld of our inner world, the dark spaces of our unfelt feelings and unresolved pasts. In there lies rich treasures of authentic healing, intuitive insight, compassionate wisdom and inner peace. With gentleness, patience, and trust in the innate healing wisdom of the body we can do this together.”

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