Somatic Immersion

Refugio Los Volcanes, Bolivia - Oct 4th to Oct 9th, 2024

“Only through our connectedness to others can we really know and enhance the self. And only through working on the self can we begin to enhance our connectedness to others.” – Harriet Goldhor Lerner


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Retreat Overview

A deep dive into relationship…

The Relationship Retreat will teach you how to bring your body into relationship… with yourself, with others, and with the world. When we stay connected to our body we learn how to differentiate between what is our ‘stuff’ and someone else’s experience. We learn how to show up and listen to others without the intrusion of our own emotional states and baggage being projected onto the other. 

Whether your a parent, spouse, partner, sibling, or manager,  the greatest gift that we can give someone is the gift of presence. This retreat journey combines a combination of somatic practices, plant medicine, psychodrama, and relationship-based workshops to create an unforgettable, transformative experience. 

What to expect

Learn how to bring the body into relationship…

The Relationship Retreat is a multi-day intimate, small group – no more than 20 people – holistic experience carefully curated to provide your body and soul with rejuvenation, invigoration and healing. Through meaningful connection to yourself and others, this retreat allows you to make space for the person you are meant to be.

Depending on the hosting venue, your body will be immersed in a nurturing and nourishing environment that includes meditation and breathwork, restorative yoga, sauna infusions, cold exposure, wholesome & healthy meals, an extended period of noble silence, and evening discussions and discourses.

You will leave with a deeper understanding of – and greater connection to – your body, as well as self-care practices that will support you in everyday life. You’ll also engage in partner-based exercises and workshops that cultivate the capacity to listen, attune, and authentically be present with others. 

Retreat Testimonials

What People are Saying

“Authentic and highly-skilled embodied teachings

“I loved the theoretical thread of stillness that ran throughout the practices and explorations of the workshop. And one thing I really want to honor and acknowledge is  the immense time, effort, pain and practice that would have been necessary to cultivate the ability to facilitate and guide such a workshop; and to do it so beautifully. My sincerest respect and gratitude…”

Kate B., Cantebury, NZ

“An experience I definitely won’t be forgetting”

“I’m so grateful to have attended the Stillness Workshop after completing the Somawise Online course. There are things you can’t learn from someone else or a book, but rather through a commitment to surrendering to and simply doing the hard work. We’re only as good as our commitment. Thank you for modeling this to us. I feel inspired and grateful about my journey through Somawise.”

Mia J., Sydney, Australia

“Please keep sharing this workshop with the world”

This workshop is carefully designed to create the most beautiful setting for a wonderful and profound inner experience. The qualities of love, connection and compassion during the workshop were palpable, making it easy for everyone to experience their authentic themselves in the unique and specific way required for their healing. I would highly recommend this workshop.”

Gina P., Christchurch, NZ

The results have been truly transformational

“I’ve learned that much of my pain and irritation stemmed from shunning, burying and hiding from uncomfortable experiences. The more I resisted, the worse my pain became. I have learned to make friends with my body, to listen deeply to it, and to understand the messages it is giving me. I now perceive discomfort as my body’s wisdom, doing its best to guide me to back to health and happiness.

Rob P., United Kingdom

Upcoming Retreat Details

6-Day Relationship Retreat at Refugio Los Volcanes, Bolivia

Dates & Times

Dates: Friday, October 4th – Wednesday, October 9th, 2024

Arrival time on Friday the 4th is between 2-3pm. The retreat will come to a close at noon on Wednesday the 9th. 

Preparation & Integration Sessions

This Relationship retreat provides support both in terms of preparing for the experience, as well as post-retreat integration and settling back into everyday life. 

Location & Venue

Refugio Los Volcanes sits in a valley surrounded by rock titans, rainforest and crystalline creeks, Refugio is an oasis of tranquility to connect with nature. Enjoy the luxury of living in reciprocity with the community and in harmony with the landscape in our off grid eco lodge.

You’ll have the opportunity to take part in plant medicine ceremonies (San Pedro and psilocybin) supported by somatic practices, yoga, family constellations and deep inquiry, all the while immersed in the incredible wild landscape of Refugio Los Volcanes, feast on fresh healthy food (much of it grown on site), and time to simply rest and enjoy being alive.

Refugio Philosophy

The idea of ​​luxury and comfort for Refugio is to be able to enjoy a privileged place without disturbing or damaging it. A hot shower and clean sheets cannot be to the detriment of the planet. For this reason, all our energy is renewable, our products are organic and local and we produce much of the food on our land.

Food & Snacks

Once you arrive, you’ll enjoy and savor all of the delicious, local offerings of Refugio. 

Retreat Package Includes:

  • The group will receive mental, physical, and emotional support (via Zoom) before and after the retreat with two (2) Preparation Sessions and two (2) Integration Sessions.
  • Communication, Listening, and Relationship workshops that teach you and help you practice showing up for others.
  • Plant Medicine Ceremonies that support somatic healing, integration and growth 
  • Group Psychodrama Workshops, as well as Compassionate Inquiry, to help reconcile, process and integrate deep emotional wounds.
  • Engage in somatic practices that reconnect you with your body and learn its subtle language, such as meditation, breathwork, TRE, cold exposure and Yin yoga.
  • Evening discourses, sharing circles and group activities.
  • Wholesome & delicious food, including welcome snacks, light lunch, and tea upon arrival; nutritious lunches; and locally-sourced healthy dinners.
  • Group transfer service to and from Santa Cruz, Bolivia Airport to Refugio. Please schedule flights accordingly so you are included in the group shuttle.**

Click HERE to view a sample/tentative retreat schedule

Guides for the journey

Meet your Facilitators

Warren McCaig

Warren believes in the transformative power of community. Driven by a relentless curiosity and love of adventure, he continues to explore the tremendous therapeutic capacities of the natural world. Trained initially as a counsellor, Warren has spent years in community development work, during which time he co-founded a charity for supporting people struggling with addiction.

His own growth demanded a confrontation with his own trauma and disconnection. This led Warren on a journey of healing that brought him to a place where one of his enduring passions is studying and applying everything he has learned related to healing trauma. Presently, Warren leads a focus group of over 150 therapists from around the world that are practitioners or studying psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Dr. Luke Sniewski

Trained under Sat Dharam Kaur, Luke is a certified Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner, Mentor and Facilitator. His passion for understanding the human body and the mechanisms that drive and dictate human behavior have led him down a path of self-discovery and personal exploration. His greatest passion is awakening people to their true potential for change.  

Through a combination of somatic modalities and self-inquiry practices, Luke guides his clients as they reconnect with their own body. While the process of reconnection with Self can sometimes be uncomfortable, it can lead to profound and life-changing insights. The experiential wisdom garnered through such inner work helps people live more authentically and show up in relationships with more calmness and presence. 

Petronela Rotar

Petronela Rotar is a Romanian psychologist and psychotherapist, specializing in psychodrama, psychogenealogy, and Compassionate Inquiry. Petronela’s passion is working with others in a group context, where she utilizes psychodrama to help people access, process, and heal the stories and narratives that no longer serve them. She has led over 35 retreats around the world, including Romania, Europe, Asia and Africa. 

Petronela’s own healing journey served as the inspiration for her seven published books, which explore trauma and healing from both a personal and psychological perspective. Her books have inspired thousands of people on their own journey of healing. Her soul project is “Journey to Self”, a comprehensive group therapy program that guides people through three different levels of growth and healing. 

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