Somawise Tribe

Annual Membership

“Everything you need to know is within you.
Listen. Feel. Trust the body’s wisdom.” – Dan Millman

Welcome to the Somawise Tribe!

This membership is only for those who have completed Somawise Online, either self-guided or facilitated by an instructor. Now that the seed of body connection has been planted, it’s time to nurture that connection. Having completed the course, this membership keeps you connected to the practice of listening to and caring for the body, as well as like-minded  people committed to learning and growing. In addition to monthly calls, there will be special events, workshops, and guided somatic practices. As a bonus, you retain access to all Somawise course content, meaning you can refresh understanding of Somawise teachings at any time. 

Somawise Tribe Membership

per year
1 year of access