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Somawise Healing Lab services honors the untapped, innate wisdom of the human body. Whether it’s healing trauma, or just being stressed when being stuck in traffic, we can face everyday life with a greater sense of calm and ease when our attention is anchored in our body. Start the most important journey of life with Somawise.

The Somawise Approach

Empowering people to help themselves 

Somatic Immersion Retreats

Somawise Healing Lab experiences use somatic practices to nurture and nourish the body. Along with the gift of recovery, you’ll learn the tools and techniques to keep the momentum of change going.

Somawise - The Book

Begin your own personal and unique journey of reconnection and healing by reading or listening to the book that has inspired people around the world to tap into their body’s timeless well of wisdom.

Somawise Online

Somawise Online is an integrative therapeutic approach that empowers you to show up more fully and authentically to your life by working within your unique mental, physical and emotional contexts.

Why People reach out

How can we help you today? 

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Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Do you experience excessive anxiety? Are you overwhelmed by chronic stress? Do suffer from long periods of depression?

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Behavior Change & Addiction

Are you trying to quit a habit that doesn’t serve you anymore? Want to learn better coping strategies managing for stress?

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Self-Doubt & Feeling Stuck

Are you feeling stuck in self-doubt? Do you overthink things so much that you never take the first step towards your goals?

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Healing & Integrating Trauma

Do you have pain you can’t seem to get rid of? Have you experienced past traumatic events that impact your present day life?

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Healthy Lifestyle Strategies

Are you trying to lose weight? Do you want to get fitter, stronger, and more flexible? Do you get tired doing everyday tasks?

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Authentic & Purposeful Living

Do you feel like you’re hiding behind a mask? Like an imposter? Are you trying to find your authentic self?

Therapeutic Philosophy

How we empower our clients

Therapeutic Approach

The Somawise Healing Lab utilizes an integrated approach for helping others. Our way of working with people empowers them show up more fully and authentically to everyday life. By working within the unique contexts that define a person’s life, we help them realize real, palpable shifts and changes in their way of being.

Somatic Practices

Somawise Healing Lab utilizes a variety of powerful and potent somatic therapy modalities – meditation, breathwork, Yin yoga, thermal stress exposure, TRE, and fastingthat help clients reconnect with their body. We can learn how to listen to the body’s language and use it as an expert, guide and guru for creating change.

Client Testimonials

What clients are saying

Theresa M., NSW, Australia

“I found the program structure and content to be really helpful for me to create a space to reflect on the important aspects of life and build a better relationship with my body. Learning to cultivate the daily stillness practice was extremely helpful and helped me to return to me.  I definitely walk away with more joy and clarity for my future. Thank you.”

Diane J., Queenstown, New Zealand

“I just wanted to say thank you for the last 12 weeks Somawise Online has given us. It was a very rewarding journey. I’m taking away life lessons that I can move forward with. It was a daunting prospect when I joined up knowing I would have to share at first, but such a gift to learn how important and therapeutic it is to share. Thank you for the guidance.”

Rob P., United Kingdom

“Before the Somawise course I was really struggling. Chronic pain, restless leg, insomnia, aching joints and various other incredibly frustrating and irritating issues had all reached a point where I literally hated being in my body at times; it was just too uncomfortable to bear.

Through Luke’s expert guidance and evidence-based practices I learned that much of my pain and irritation stemmed from shunning, burying and hiding from these uncomfortable experiences. And the more I resisted them and tried to overcome them, the worse they became. I have learned to make friends with my body, to listen deeply to it and to understand the messages it has been giving me. I now see the physical discomfort as my body’s wisdom, doing its utmost to guide me to health and happiness.

The results have been truly transformational with improvements in every area of my life – from improved sleep, dramatically reduced pain and restlessness to more patience and understanding in my relationships. Being transparent this isn’t the only work I’ve been doing on my road to healing, but I will always be grateful for Luke’s profound teaching and his wonderful Somawise course. In fact, I have recently enrolled for the second time as I gained so much from it – it is an absolute joy to have the opportunity to further embed and deepen these life-changing practices.”

Antoinette A., Virginia, USA

Clearly Somawise Online was meaningful and moving for me while trying to grow in my practice of stillness. I have so much to say and yet hopefully my request to continue my journey with the next Somawise Online group says it all.

Thank you so much for this experience and your encouragement to join the group and your ability to walk through this process with others. It was inspiring to watch so many others go to the depths that they did. And I was honored to have been present alongside those processes. 

For me, if you recall, this was a process I really did not want to address… or so I thought. For that, I am forever grateful. Peace, Toni

Kate LP., Auckland, New Zealand

“I admit I was hesitant to join a group format, but from the first session of Somawise Online I recognised inherent benefits. Hearing about other people’s experience has changed the way I view myself for having difficulties. The relationship I have with myself is moving towards less self blame, more self compassion. I am also beginning to understand other people in my life better.

Somawise Online taught me to listen to my body as a more reliable source of information than my thoughts. And Luke supports this process within a variety of everyday contexts. Most importantly, Luke is an extremely skilled and compassionate guide for this journey. He offers insightful readings and discussions. But the most valuable thing I experienced in the course was the kind, warm and non-judgmental space Luke held for the group.”

Carly F., Kansas, USA

“Somawise Online was an incredible experience. It empowered further growth through stillness, self-acceptance, and curiosity. The skills I learned and practiced will continue to be a part of my daily life going forward. I appreciated the layers that the group setting added to my experience and enjoyed the time together every session.”

Joe D., Auckland, New Zealand

“The Somawise Online program helped me build the foundation I needed to get in touch with my authentic self and gain confidence in expressing myself more freely. The course added healthy and meaningful practices into my life which set the stage for real, authentic change, something I hadn’t experienced before. It really is a fun shared experience with a supportive group.”

Zak B., United Kingdom

“The best way to sum up the benefits I’ve experienced from Somawise Online is to highlight two recent shifts I’ve experienced. Yesterday, my partner and I were in a deep and positive conversation about our sex life, needs, desires etc. At one point she got triggered, I got triggered and a downward spiral was very possible but we caught it in the moment, slowed down, came into our bodies and reset our path. We ended up having a really healthy conversation which sowed the seeds for deep and profound connection last night. Everything could have pivoted in a completely different direction in that moment of triggering.

On the same day, I was having difficulty with my son as he was knackered. He started being cocky/defiant and instead of reacting with anger or stamping down my authority I got him to check his tone but let him know I was really listening and acknowledging how he felt. Everything softened and we’re having a beautiful morning together.

Thank you for, well, the great work you do. Success!

Himanshu, M., Chicago, USA

“Real Change Happens in the Body” – a section title from Dr. Luke Sniewski’s book entitled Somawise – Get out of Your Head. Get into Your Body. This book serves as the companion to the Somawise Online course.

If you think about it, these words are life-changing- how many times have we had an intention and yet failed to see it through? Think back to all those failed New Year resolutions. It turns out, we’re not weak as we’ve been telling ourselves, it’s just that for most of us the body isn’t there yet to support the big change we’re asking it to experience. And it won’t be there unless we learn to hear and speak its’ language. Somawise will help us do that!

This course has the potential to change your life- not by teaching you some new hacks, but by teaching you how to attune to your body’s wisdom daily. Somawise has profoundly benefited me in building an intentional life, and my deepest gratitude goes to its’ teacher and founder, Dr. Luke Sniewski.

This course is not more theory- it is a practice that Luke will ask you to develop through “homework”- and it’s the practice that will unleash the magic! So, if you decide to take the course – do the work asked of you. It is very clear guidance on building – step by step, an intentional life!”

Mick H., Sydney, Australia

“I came into Somawise Online with some reservations and fear because I had never really done any “Self” work before. Once I felt the safety and compassion within the group, I really looked forward to the sessions, and although it’s not an “I’ve done the course and I’m fixed” thing, Somawise Online has given me many amazing insights and tools that my partner and I are already reaping the rewards of, and I’m sure will start me on a journey that I am now very much looking forward to.”

Su Y., Auckland, New Zealand

Somawise Online was stimulating, and the content related to so many aspects of life that many of us – myself included – subconsciously do not address but need to. It’s full of poignant and helpful life lessons, tools, and tips that everyone would benefit from learning and therefore I highly recommend this course. I wish I would have done it sooner!

Melissa L., Bali, Indonesia

The Somawise Online journey has been a huge help in my life and it has been the perfect time in my life for it. The program – and book – was really helpful in challenging some of the beliefs about the mind and body, and gave me practical ways to access what the body communicating. The result was making better life choices – in physical, emotional and relational contexts.”

Brenda C., Wellington, New Zealand

The course has been gold and confirmed so much for me. My connection with myself has deepened. During the course, I re-ordered my home, updated my will, and started working with clients again after believing for too long that there were many others who do this better. I have come to accept my uniqueness and what I can share.

I feel as if I have found my place and a deeper sense of inner peace. I have more energy at 74 than I think I had when younger. I am eating in a more sensitive way, much more in touch with hunger and fullness in my body. Mostly I am very content. When discontent arises, I feel it in my body. I am willing to look and feel, but not always comfortable. I am also not sure if healing ever stops. I am also noticing I am not such a people pleaser anymore.

Thank you, thank you. I love the way you have woven a great life – and programme – that you are able to give to others in a beautiful, grounded, clear way.”

Jason S., Auckland, New Zealand

“I had accepted that my life was going to be overwhelming and difficult. Somawise Online helped me realize it doesn’t have to be that way. I’ve learned how to bring stillness into my life and even laugh a little when feelings of overwhelm appear. I’m in a better place because I know I can pass through life’s many storms with calm and ease.”

Todd C., NSW, Australia

“Coming into the Somawise Online Program I did not know what to expect at all. I felt very much like a climber sizing up their first ascent of a very personal mountain climbing experience. What the program offered me was support and guidance on my journey to the heights of self-connection, self-awareness, and self-compassion. Unexpectantly – and excitedly – the program highlighted to me the ability and need to stop and enjoy the view during my journey and to bask in the positivity of all the other brave and dynamic participants. I plan to continue to connect with Luke and the Somawise program as I continue to explore and learn about myself and my body”

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